Get Healthier Joints This Year Through Physical Therapy

Get Healthier Joints This Year Through Physical Therapy

Exercise features high on many New Year’s resolution lists and we applaud this intention. If you incorporate some targeted physical therapy into your exercise regimen, your body will thank you.

It’s no exaggeration to say that we’re a nation in no small amount of physical discomfort. As an example, more than 92 million Americans have joint pain and inflammation. 

As we enter a new year and exercise tops many resolution lists, we want to take this intention a step further. One of the best ways to improve your musculoskeletal health is through exercise — more specifically, targeted strengthening and flexibility work on your joints.

So, before you buy yourself a new pair of sneakers to take up running, Dr. Rajiv Sood and the team here at Spine & Orthopedic Center want to make the case for physical therapy.

The primary goals of physical therapy

Many people believe that physical therapy (PT) is reserved for people who are rehabbing from injury or surgery, but there’s much more to this practice than that.

PT checks an impressive number of boxes, including:

  • Relieving pain
  • Improving (and maintaining) mobility
  • Strengthening
  • Preserving range of motion
  • Preventing injury
  • Delaying joint replacement or surgery
  • Better balance and fall prevention
  • Recovering from surgery or injury

As you can see, PT is not only a technique we use to help with existing musculoskeletal damage; it can also play an incredibly valuable preventive role.

Personalizing your PT

Aside from the impressive list of benefits PT offers, another great reason to make PT a part of your exercise regimen is that we can target your efforts to meet your unique goals.

For example, let’s say that you love a certain activity, such as cycling, and you want to focus on being able to cycle long into the future. We take that information and design a program around strengthening your hips, knees, neck, and shoulders so that you can continue your two-wheeled explorations.

Or perhaps you don’t have a specific concern or goal but a broader wish, such as taking steps to prevent early-onset degenerative issues like arthritis or bone loss. Through a customized  PT program, we can work toward these goals. 

Let's look at what we might recommend to give you an idea of how a preventive program such as this would work. To offset bone loss, we would focus on weight-bearing and strength-training exercises, which are the two best ways to encourage remodeling for stronger bones. We would also concentrate on exercises that promote good blood flow to your joints to keep nutrients and resources flowing to the soft connective tissues.

We can provide example after example of how PT can play an important role in your current and future musculoskeletal health, but we don’t have the space here.

The best way for you to appreciate all that PT can do for your health and wellness is to schedule a visit with us so that we can evaluate your needs and design an appropriate regimen. To get started, simply contact our office in Jonesboro, Georgia, to make an appointment.